Agriculture and Animal Science

Whether your business focuses on beautifying the great outdoors or inside with man’s best friend, the right training remains a key element to getting the most out of your day.

Horticulture and landscaping

From surveying, landscaping and propagation to honing Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) skills and obtaining chemical use licenses (ACDC licence), we provide specific and technical training to assist you and your teams to develop professionally without impacting on day-to-day priorities or workloads.

Industry Training Solutions has links with Bunnings and works with numerous retail nurseries.

Animal sciences

Choose from shorts skills courses in micro chipping to skills based qualifications in veterinary nursing or companion animal care. Our trainers have extensive experience that will benefit your team and result in improved capabilities. 

Industry Training Solutions has provided Animal Sciences training for RSPCA and local councils.

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Customised Corporate Training

Our goal is to work closely with you to truly understand the specific objectives of your organisation and to identify bespoke training solutions.

Tell us about the business issues you face that are unique to your organisation, and together we can style a training program to activate solutions and ultimately point your organisation in the right direction.

Our contextualised training packages will be custom-built to meet those objectives. 

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