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TAFE Queensland is a proud provider of the world-recognised bksb® (basic and key skills builder) eLearning solutions. Contextualised to the Australian market and mapped to the Australian Core Skills Framework, bksb® is the first learning and communication tool to be assessed and approved by the Australian Government. With this tool, you can facilitate a fast and effective assessment of staff, clients or whomever else you may be training in the process of growing your business. bksb®’s award-winning tools and
materials allow training organisations and businesses to quickly assess learning levels and develop personalised training plans to improve literacy and numeracy skills of students and staff.

Managers and assessors also have instant access to data via the tracking tool and the Databridgefeature, which allows 2-way data communication between bksbLIVE and your servers.

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Or read below to find out more about it's diverse range of integrated testing tools.

A flexible learning solution

Testing Solutions

As used by over 2000 organisations across the world, bksbLIVE gives you access to a range of carefully designed testing solutions and learning resources:

Initial assessments (ia)

  • A progressive assessment which is written  against the Functional SkillsStandards for literacyand numeracy. It’s intuitiveand providesa current working level of a student) (online)

Diagnostic assessments (da)

  • 5 levels of literacy and 5 levels of numeracy. Produces Individual Learning Plan, which identifies skill gaps and strengths (online).

Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

  • A breakdown of all the skills gap areas at that level for the learner (student/employee) to work on.

Interactive learning resources and work books (lr)

  • Interactive and self-marking, linked to area in the ILP identified as skills gap. Free to copy for period of licence (PDF).

Skills Checks (sc)

  • Interactive, self-marking summative assessments which confirm topic competency by assessing whether a student/employee has understood a concept taught in a learning resource booklet (online).

Learning Styles Assessment

  • Survey which determines dominate learning style.

ICT initial assessment

  • Identifies the current working level in a number of applications including Word, Spreadsheets and email.

ICT Learning Resources

  • Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010  available.