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At TAFE Queensland Brisbane, we like to think that learning never stops. Whenever the need or the drive arises, professionals from all fields will seek out the information and advice they need to develop and grow. It is with this in mind that we aim to keep you up-to-date and well informed, well after your initial training with us is done.

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10th May 2017 Workplace Training

How to make your experience work for you

You're exceptional professional in your own right, with a wealth of experience and skill to show for it. So why not make it all work for you? Now is the time to transform your career for the better with Recognition of Prior Learning.

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7th March 2017 Industry Training Solutions Workplace Training

Choosing a Training Provider

When you decide to invest in staff training, it is paramount that you take the time to carefully assess which training provider is right for your organisation.

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7th March 2017 Apprenticeships

Why Apprentices and Trainees

We take a closer look at why apprentices and the trainees are the lifeblood of a diverse range of trades and industry sectors in Australia.

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6th February 2017 Small Business Apprenticeships

Attracting and Retaining Apprentices in Australian Bakeries

We take a look at what it takes to grow a sustainable talent pool for the future of cookery and baking in Australia.

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31st January 2017 Industry Training Solutions Workplace Training

How to empower staff for the long-term

Empowering and enabling your staff is easier than you might think. Current training solutions can help you and them turn years of dedication into something great.

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2nd December 2016 Industry Training Solutions

Innovation – The Power of Continuous Improvement in Business

As it turns out, the best role models for a growing business is a child - a risk taker and creative thinker with little fear.

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