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At TAFE Queensland Brisbane, we like to think that learning never stops. Whenever the need or the drive arises, professionals from all fields will seek out the information and advice they need to develop and grow. It is with this in mind that we aim to keep you up-to-date and well informed, well after your initial training with us is done.

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26th September 2017 Small Business

Australian Retail: the what and how of owning the Amazon Effect

Many see the Amazon Effect as a sign of dark times ahead, but that need not be the case. Working together with Westfield and Professor Jimmy Choo TAFE Queensland have taken a macro level look at how you can thrive in this new era.

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21st August 2017 Workplace Training

Experience, Qualifications and Instinct: Essential Soft Skills For The Workforce

TAFE Queensland educator and workplace trainer. Anthony Wall talks us through the mix of experience, qualifications and instinct required to succeed in our ever-evolving workforce.

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8th August 2017 Industry Training Solutions Workplace Training

Flexible Study and Training For Your Team

We talk with an employer to better understand why they chose to turn the experience of their team into a platform for change.

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31st July 2017 Industry Training Solutions

How to create and sell in fashion retail

With a focus on fashion, we have taken a cursory look at the practicalities of surviving and thriving in Australian creative and retail.

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31st July 2017 Workplace Training

Return to work and take the lead with RPL

Ngaire has taken charge of her career and returned to work prepared to lead from the front in any situation, all thanks to added learning gained through RPL.

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11th July 2017 Small Business

How to automate your marketing

Automation is more than a buzz term - it's the word that has redefined business and marketing forevermore. We take a broad look at this concept and why you should give it a go.

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