How to choose a training provider

7th March 2017 Industry Training Solutions Workplace Training

How to choose the best training provider

When making any expenditure for the sake of growing your business, it is only natural to want to take a smarter, more cautious approach – to balance the pros, cons, assessment criteria etc – before settling on when and how to spend. In terms of workplace training, what Forbes says is one of the most essential forms expenditure you will encounter, this remains true. It is important to carefully consider who it is you are choosing to further develop your staff.

What do you think about when it comes to a training provider? Who and what are they to you and how do you pick between the ones you know? It might seem like a million one questions, but all of them need to be thought over.

 To help you better manage this, we have narrowed down a few of key criteria to consider.

What are your training needs?

Before you take a tumble down the rabbit hole and focus solely on the provider, you need to stop and think about yourself. What are your training needs? As reinforced by the Department of Employment, from an individual and company perspective, think about:

  • the number of staff
  • whether or not you are training multiple teams
  • the skills required
  • whether there are existing qualifications to work towards
  • is this a one-off exercise or to become a regular growth exercise

From here, you can finally start to think about the who and what of your training provider options.

Do they provide recognised training in your field or industry?

From the very start, you need to ask yourself, do any of the training providers you are considring offer recognised training that is relevant to you? Even if the skills you are seeking to update or the qualifications you want are not entirely specific to your industry, it does help if the trainers and institution in question have experience and expertise relevant to you.

According to the organisational development specialists of RapidBI, understanding the depth and breadth of their training capacities and expertise will make a considerable difference in ascertaining quality and relevance.

The Australian Skills Quality Authority also suggests checking whether or not the provider has any connections to your industry body.

How flexible is the content or the delivery methods?

Knowing that the providers can meet the more rigid and defined elements of your broader industry is one thing, whether or not they can mould this to fit your unique needs is another. As highlighted by the team at Training Industry, customisation is key to effective learning.

This customisation pertains to the content – how can the new theories, insights and skills be matched to your business structure and training needs. And there is how it can deal with how it is delivered in the workplace, off-site and in what time. Such capacities ensure that you are receiving training your staff can take on board sooner and can fit into their day-to-day tasks without falling behind on their existing duties.

What is their reputation?

Business Analyst Learnings reminds us that it is necessary to have a clear picture of where the training provider stands in terms of feedback. What have students said? Have other businesses had a good experience with them?

While there may be some subjectivity issues involved in this step, it is no less important. You want to be sure you are working with an institution that is trusted, respected and irrefutably professional. This decreases any unease amon management and increases the trust your staff place in those training them.

Access to funding

The final thing to consider, as suggested by the Conversation, is the government perspective, and more specifically the funding element. Research what funding is available and whether or not the providers you are looking at are aware the funding and are able to connect you to it. This is not only a mark of quality, but also a definite source of cost reduction.

Ready to make a choice? Talk with TAFE Queensland today to get a training plan started that matches your company’s unique skills needs.

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