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8th August 2017 Industry Training Solutions Workplace Training

What can an employer do if their business is falling behind in essential skills?

Putting recruitment to the side, one of the best strategies you can consider is to assess the training needs of your team and utilise recognition of prior learning (RPL) and other workplace training solutions. This allows you to shift the team in the right direction on your terms.

Why You Need Workplace Training

Research from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) has found that over a third of employers surveyed have employees operating below full proficiency. For employers of all sizes this can mean:

  • 82.7% increase in workload for other staff
  • 47% had difficulty in meeting customer service objectives
  • 54.5% increased in operating costs

According to the same study, 82.7% agreed training was the ideal solution to meet the challenges listed above.

It’s about the employee

In Business.com’s opinion, “As management, your employees trust you to make decisions that will positively impact them, but likewise, it is important that employees feel empowered to also make those important business decisions.”

While you are improving their capacity to deliver on KPIs and efficiency expectations, upskilling your staff via RPL is very much about nurturing their confidence and motivation in themselves and as an employee.

The Employers Viewpoint

We spoke with Ben Stevens, Executive General Manager of Tandem Corp, about his experience in upskilling staff via RPL:

Why did you choose to undertake staff-wide training?

It was important for me and my entire management team to recognise formally their experience. I opted in as well to lead by example, to demonstrate to my team that it was an important step to take for their own professional development.

What is it that you as an employer look for in a training provider? 

That the provider understood the roles and pressures of the individuals undertaking the courses and were receptive to the variability of the time frames required to complete the process. We needed a provider who was able to provide a mature and experienced approach to recognising the skills of a team.

What was the response from your team after the training was completed? 

Fantastic. They have started and benefited from it so much that they will continue to use RPL across their own sub-teams.

How did they balance their work and training commitments?

There’s no silver bullet here. Each person knew they had to utilise better time management. But the RPL process and training suite allowed for plenty of flexibility.

The Next Step

If you’d like to follow in Ben’s footsteps, reach out to the team at TAFE Queensland to discuss your organisation’s training needs. Whether it is a matter of RPL, set skill sets or a customised solution, there is an option there for you.

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