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10th May 2017 Workplace Training

TAFE Queensland Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is a service that connects you to an easier return to work, better pay, bigger roles and all round brighter opportunities. Let’s talk big picture, about what you want from your career and the ways in which you can bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

Let’s start by breaking down the key to transforming your career. RPL is a process by which you can quickly and easily get a qualification that matches your skills and experience.

An assessor at your chosen training provider will review your prior study, work experience and volunteering efforts to align them to a qualification within your industry. This, in turn, affords you study credits that can either exponentially reduce the time taken to attain a recognised qualification or outright provide you with the piece of paper with no class time involved.

How do you make change happen?

According to our experienced team and a wide variety of employment specialists, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

What is your situation?

The team at CareerShifters tell us that understanding your current skills, project experiences and past roles helps establish how far you have to go, where you can go, and why you’re going there.

What is your goal?

Employment writer Charlotte Seager told the Guardian that having a goal is what truly defines every other step when it comes to changing your professional situation. Ask yourself – are you seeking a raise, a promotion, an entirely new role or an easier return to the workforce after an extended absence?

Who do I talk to?

A recognised training provider, such as TAFE Queensland, can get the ball rolling on assessing your learning needs, and provide the qualifications required for the change you want.  Armed with a wealth of industry informed courses and more than 130 years of training expertise, TAFE Queensland is more than ready to assist you.

Your experience, your choice

Fortune Magazine reminds us this is all about you and your dream. Yes, there will be variables and hurdles to deal with, but the opportunity is ripe. In fact, Australia’s employers have seen the technological and process changes that are coming, and are crying out for people with the initiative to take on new skills and qualifications to match.

You are an incredibly capable professional as you are, making it even easier for you to bridge the gap. Whatever the type of change you are chasing, now is the time. 

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