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31st July 2017 Workplace Training

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Ngaire McGaw was like so many Australian parents returning to work after taking time off to raise children. She was qualified for the job, but keen to brush up on her skills and get fresh insight into the latest industry trends with training in both leadership and project management.

Highly-awarded and published within her field, Ngaire, who’s a Project Manager working in sustainability at Mater Health Services in Brisbane, said the chance to bounce ideas off industry professionals gave her a fresh perspective on big projects.

“It was important to me to feel like I was still on top of things in the industry,” she said.

“A lot of what we were doing allowed me to draw on projects happening in my workplace. The experience allowed me to look at what we were doing from a different perspective and get additional feedback. I feel like this training and the skills gained have given my projects more depth.”

A faster way to study

Juggling a full time job, family, and academic pursuits leaves little time for much else, but Ngaire acknowledged the flexibility of study choices and the option to gain recognition for her experience, made the transition to study easier.

By utilising the Recognition of Prior Learning (PRL) program, Ngaire was able to complete a Diploma of Leadership Management (BSB51915) and a Diploma of Project Management (BSB51415) in half the time.

“It saved me months of study, because I didn’t need to redo all of the basic skills that I’ve learnt about and put into practice 100 times over,” she added.

“Instead I was able to spend my time developing strategies and bouncing ideas off industry experts, which was invaluable.”

Making your experience work for you  

Having already attained a Masters in Management, Ngaire found that RPL was the ideal way to get the recognition she’d earned from industry experience and prior study.

Working professionals with years of industry experience can get their hard work matched to a qualification, either in full or in part – effectively fast tracking their upskilling and any potential career boosts.

The assessment process carefully considers proven skills, existing qualifications across all levels, job titles and more, to allow TAFE Queensland to align you to the correct course credit.

Worth its weight

Regardless of the amount of time you spend studying, your qualification will be just as valuable as anyone else’s. It’s a fully recognised award attained at a lower cost in less time.

“It’s given me a fresh approach,” Ngaire added.

“I now have a set of resources that I can use when undertaking new projects, or preparing submissions.”

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