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1st November 2016 Small Business

Social media business promotion

As stated by the social experts at HootSuite, “As a new [or small] business, it’s important to choose a marketing channel that offers the best results with the most prudent resources. Nowadays, more small businesses prefer social media marketing to other marketing channels, to help increase their brand’s reach, increase sales, and expand their professional network.”

To help build your understanding of both the why and the what, let’s consider the statistics heralded by each platform:


  • 1.13 billion daily active users on average 
  • 1.03 billion daily active users are on mobile

InstagramInstagram in use

  • Over 300 million daily active users
  • Over 95 million photos and videos uploaded per day


  • 150 million daily active users
  • Over 10 billion videos viewed per day


  • 313 million active users
  • 82% of active users are on mobile


  • Over 433 million members in 200 countries and territories (7 million of which are Australian)

There are a plethora of other platforms out there, but those listed above are the giants of the space (as seen by their numbers). The likes of Facebook and Twitter have mostly survived the rise and fall of many competitors, making them constants. Instagram and Snapchat on the other hand are gaining fast on their bigger brothers in the social space, both in terms of user numbers and daily usage.

Why Social Media Is Right For Your Business

Statistics aside, the reasons for using social media are plentiful (when and if used properly). Social media is highly targeted, incredibly flexible and uniquely personal – with a multitude of options available to any business seeking to bring their budding brand to life in the virtual space.

Being an ICT genius is not a necessity – all it takes to start mastering and winning with this form of marketing is experimentation and a bit of guidance.

Forbes has highlighted that social media marketing can yield:

  • Increased brand loyalty via consistent communication and engagement when and where the consumers are.
  • Higher recognition with help from regular, relevant posting.
  • Greater volume of conversion opportunities via e-commerce facilities and targeted sales journeys.

The Queensland Government has also stated that social media marketing is:

  • Free to low cost depending on the degree of usage.
  • A faster way to reach consumers on the go

Which Platforms Are Best

As with all other elements of promotion and business, there is no one-size-fits-all logic with social media advertising and marketing. Each platform has its own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats – with the particulars of which being specific to you and your business.

The best starting point is to look at the major players we have mentioned thus far and see what is right for you in light of the current market and your competition. By the same token, we would also recommend that you follow the likes of Wired, Mashable or Gizmodo to stay on top of changes to current social media platforms and to learn about any new ones that crop up.

Matching Your Strategy

Social media should never be tacked onto your strategy or done in isolation – it needs to be integrated into your overall strategy to the same degree as any other planned activity or chosen medium. When properly connected to in-store activities and other offline promotions, social media can greatly augment your voice by giving it life and reach.

Be Diligent

As with all forms of marketing activity, it is essential that you remain diligent and consistent when utilising social media. From posting content and updating your profile through to managing engagement and collating data, you need it to be part of your routine in order to make the most of your time (and money).

For more advice on marketing your business, through social media or otherwise, our workshops and mentors are a valuable source of expert small business advice.

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