The art of retaining staff through workplace training

1st November 2016 Industry Training Solutions Workplace Training

Why? Because, as highlighted by recent research, 44% of Australian employees are looking for new roles – with one of the most significant drivers being a lack of training opportunities. And regardless of your industry, and how much automation may be picking up the slack, you need your staff on hand and happy.

It is with this in mind, we are going to breakdown the what, why and how workplace training.

What Defines Workplace Training

The answer to this question is and isn’t found in the name.

What it is: Workplace training is any skills or practice-based training intended to improve standards within the workplace.

What is isn’t: this training is not narrowly defined by being in the workplace. Across most industries there is room for this training to happen, on-site, in a hired location, on a campus or online.

You could choose a specialised skillset, a short course, a Certificate or a Diploma – regardless of your industry, there will be an option that can match the unique needs of your organisation. What you need to consider from the outset is the desired outcomes and the specific training goals of your staff.

Why You Need Workplace Training

Research from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) has found that over a third of employers surveyed have employees operating below full proficiency. The flow on from this was:

  • 82.7% increase in workload for other staff
  • 47% had difficulty in meeting customer service objectives
  • 54.5% increased in operating costs

As for how this can be remedied, the study showed that 82.7% agreed that training was the solution.

Across the board, training presents you with the opportunity to:

  • Skill staff to match new industry standards
  • Develop staff for career progression
  • Position staff for lateral role changes
  • Prepare employees for specific projects

How Much Training is ‘Enough’?

As stated by the Western Australian Department of Training and Workforce Development, “Rarely does someone walk into a job with all the skills, knowledge and attributes required to do their work to an optimum level from day one. Often there is a requirement for some form of training or knowledge development”.

In short, it’s a matter of that age old question: how long is a piece of string? As previously stated, you will need to assess the skills needs of your staff, what it is you aim to achieve and potentially how often skills and staff will need to be updated.

 If this process appears daunting, do not worry; your chosen training provider will be able to work with you to complete this analysis prior to commencing any training.

In other respects, this will come down to what you can afford and the speed at which the market place shifts. Nevertheless, just like marketing, training is not something you can ignore if you seek to keep your best staff in your employ.

What are the other benefits?

On the benefit front, training has been listed as a significant source of increased service standards, productivity, and workplace safety (as highlighted by multiple State Governments). As some might astutely guess, such positives will in time result in greater customer satisfaction and increased profits (if carried through by all staff).

In most industries, training presents you with the opportunity to:

  • Skill staff to match new industry standards
  • Develop staff for career progression
  • Position staff for lateral role changes
  • Prepare employees for specific projects

Are There Any Funding Options Available?

The simple answer to this is yes. Individual industry bodies and both State and Federal governments offer a range of funding options for training. The available funding will typically reflect the skills gaps perceived by the fund supplier and will only be accessible to those who meet set criteria. As with your training needs analysis, seeking funding is something you can discuss with your training provider.

How Do I Get A Training Plan Started?

Once chosen, your training provider will be able to walk you through every step of analysis, funding, planning, implementation, and measurement. They will work closely with you to ensure you achieve maximum results in the short and long term.

If you feel inspired to start a new training plan for your workforce, TAFE Queensland Brisbane’s Industry Training Solutions team are here to help. Contact them today to start a conversation with about a training proposal that matches your needs

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