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7th March 2017 Apprenticeships

Why you should choose TAFE Queensland apprentices and trainees

Apprenticeships and traineeships are a tried and true way of giving future employees in your business (and industry) the hands on training you need and you expect. And, as stated by the Queensland Government, an apprentice or trainee programs allows you to:

  • attract and recruit staff for your current or future skill requirements
  • mentor and develop loyal and motivated workers
  • train future workers and supervisors, often in a short space of time
  • involve your staff in refining systems and processes.

But this isn’t the be all and end all of apprentices and trainees.

The question here is, what are the broader, long term reasons for taking on a new apprentice or trainee in today’s ever-shifting market. We are in the midst of considerable change at the industry and the macro workforce levels - a great deal of which is being fuelled by technological advancements.

Technological Change

Research undertaken by the World Economic Forum shows that new technology will change everything from the way we pay for our groceries to dealing with/or responding climate change, and regardless of the industry, one thing is clear – the pace of transformation is unprecedented. The changes are already happening, and it is clear that they are going to change consumer habits, meaning we need to revisit our training requirements.

There are new technologies to streamline training, assess work, communicate with customers, collaborate on projects, and produce products – all of which you will encounter in time. Adapting to them will allow you and any new staff you take and train to successfully match new standards.

Workforce Shifts

A study from the Foundation for Young Australians shows an increased demand for new employees with critical thinking skills (up by 158 per cent) and a desire for staff with creativity (up by 65 per cent). Furthermore, enterprise skills (traditionally thought of as “soft” skills), such as problem solving, communication skills, critical thinking, creativity, and digital literacy, have been noted to be the most powerful predictor of long term success for millennial workers.

Even if you have yet to experience this change, this shift will in time inform training plans for both you and your apprentice/trainee. This includes how you approach flexibility in training and overall staff management, as stated by Business Insider. Thankfully, the aforementioned technological change will make it possible to be more flexible – adapting to the needs of your apprentice and to the expectations of the consumer in a single virtual breath.

Futureproofing Your Industry

Taking a proactive approach to apprentices and trainees has always been sold as the most effective way to safeguard the future of any industry. The changes coming have not made this statement any less true, in fact it puts it high atop the list of reasons to take on an apprentice and training them to be the best that they can.

With the influx of automated processes and shifting customer expectations, it is essential to have talent on hand who are ready and able to keep up. And while this also relates to upskilling existing staff, establishing a strong base for you and your industry through the training of new apprentices is a smart long term strategy.

Cementing Business Growth

Business Victoria is among the many public and private sector groups actively encouraging businesses to embrace change, whether it is for themselves or their industry as a whole. From this perspective, taking on new talent while working with the innovations they bring with them:

  • Increases competitiveness at lower long-term cost
  • Allows for greater efficiency
  • Facilitates an evolution of your business model
  • Grows appeal to your customer base

While this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, these insights into the future of work allow all of us to reappraise the importance of apprentices in the years to come. 

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