Brentnall Luxury Homes

I’ve been so impressed with Peter that I immediately recommended his course to six people I know.

My husband and I built a highly successful business, Brentnall Luxury Homes, but after a long illness things got tough and the business went in to decline.

My world as well as my business was shattered when he died last year. I didn’t have any confidence. My husband used to run the business and financial side of things, I was the creative visionary. I didn’t even know how to use an ATM.

My accountant recommended I do the Small Business Mentoring course with Peter Baldwin to learn the skills my husband used to do in the business.

So I signed up for the Small Business Mentoring course and I’ve never looked back.

The course is brilliant, it’s short, it’s concise and it’s got everything that you need.

Because of Peter’s outstanding depth of business acumen, he brings a form of clarity and deep knowledge to anyone who’s in business.

With such large budgets, it was crucial that I have a sound financial plan and thorough understanding of margins and cash flow. These were the things my husband dealt with; I had no confidence.

After doing the course with Peter, I now know how and have the confidence to successfully create a financial plan and calculate my financial projections.

The other key lesson I learnt was the value of marketing. This is an area Peter covers in depth…

Everything from off-line, on-line, websites, lead generating, emails to all kinds of digital marketing, which is the way buyers are going more and more.

I was able to put my newly learnt sales and marketing skills into practice instantly. I’ve immediately had five inquiries and got four sales which I’m thrilled about.

Now business is booming with $20 million worth of projects already booked in for 2015. I will continue using Peter as my business mentor.

I’ve also asked Peter to take over my total marketing and critically to get me more qualified leads to my website.

I’ve been so impressed with Peter that I immediately recommended his course to six people I know.

 And I’d recommend it to anybody contemplating starting a business and or wanting to improve and grow their business