Employ an Apprentice Or Trainee

Employing an apprentice allows you to develop your ideal worker, while also contributing to the future of the Australian workforce – the perfect win-win. TAFE Queensland Brisbane is here to help you make this most of the employer-apprentice partnership, by connecting you with passionate young professionals who match your needs.

How we help

Our aim is to ensure that you gain the employee you want, and the apprentice gets the training they need.  We will work with you to finesse a contextualised training plan that benefits all involved.

We will help you understand:

  • the full extent of what is involved in employing an apprentice or trainee
  • what to look for in a potential apprentice or trainee and how to identify the training they require
  • how to effectively support and manage an apprentice or trainee throughout their training

Funding Solutions

As we all know, nothing in business comes for free. This includes training new staff and apprentices alike. The costs involved in employing an apprentice or trainee may include:

  • recruitment costs to find the right person for the apprenticeship or traineeship
  • wages and entitlements including
  • superannuation
  • workers' compensation
  • cost of supplying tools (if required)
  • cost of providing special equipment (if required)
  • travel and/or accommodation costs for the apprentice or trainee to attend training
  • training costs.

Here at TAFE Queensland Brisbane, we aim to help you minimise the costs where we can and maximise return on investment for the rest.

For more information on Apprentices, funding and key topics, we invite you to visit the Australian Apprenticeship Council website.

Apprentice and trainee funding solutions

Employers may benefit from state and Australian Government incentives for employing an apprentice or trainee.

Under current government initiatives, the following funding options may be available to you:

  • School to Trade Pathway Incentive

Employers who commence a school-based apprentice (does not apply to school-based trainees), on or after 1 July 2013, and convert the apprentice to a full-time arrangement after a minimum of six months, may be eligible for a bonus payment.

  • User Choice

Existing employees undertaking apprenticeships or traineeships may be eligible to receive funded training from those training organisations that have a User Choice funding contract with the department.

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