Engineering, Architecture and Interior Design

When you consider the passion and the funds poured into any given project, up-to-date skills training is the key to delivering your client’s ideal design solution. We offer niche training solutions to match any short or long term organisational objective for individual designers and full teams.

Industry software training

Through Industry Training Solutions, your team will learn to operate the latest state-of-the-art equipment and software. Our team of experienced trainers are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of industry recognised training to those working in the dynamic world of built environment.

From honing technical skills such as CAD or Revit architecture to developing design and construction projects in the Associate Degree in Civil Engineering, we specialise in delivering training tailored to your current projects and future goals. Consultations with us about packaging these into a contextualised solution to meet your needs ensures you get what you need.

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Customised Corporate Training

Our goal is to work closely with you to truly understand the specific objectives of your organisation and to identify bespoke training solutions.

Tell us about the business issues you face that are unique to your organisation, and together we can style a training program to activate solutions and ultimately point your organisation in the right direction.

Our contextualised training packages will be custom-built to meet those objectives. 

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