Legislation and trends in allied health services are constantly changing, making training an essential element in delivering assured care.

Nursing and aged care

Insight, ingenuity and detail are at the core of smart service in today's healthcare industry. We offer a range of short courses and skill-based training for nursing and aged care workers seeking to set new standards in care, whatever their ward or role. Our niche training solutions can match any core patient need or clinical context, from short courses in medication monitoring and administering, equipment sterilisation and patient administration or mapping a training plan - this is an opportunity to adapt to changing needs and expectations. 

Dental services

In a world where impressions matter, a good smile makes all the difference.

From learning to use cutting edge technology and creating dental prosthetics to assisting with radiography and improving oral hygiene care, talk to us about customised dental training packages. With up-to-date training and new skills, your patients will thank you for the consistent, high-quality care delivered.

Industry Training Solutions are a current training partner with Queensland Health, Metro South Health and Maven Dental.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you and your staff deliver greater care and peace of mind to your clients.

Customised Corporate Training

Our goal is to work closely with you to truly understand the specific objectives of your organisation and to identify bespoke training solutions.

Tell us about the business issues you face that are unique to your organisation, and together we can style a training program to activate solutions and ultimately point your organisation in the right direction.

Our contextualised training packages will be custom-built to meet those objectives. 

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