Training available in Ipswich and Darling Downs regions with TAFE Queensland

Ipswich and Darling Downs

We have a select team of dedicated mentors across both Ipswich and the great Darling Downs, each of whom has a solid, successful business history to draw upon. Our mentors have established themselves in a variety of sectors, at different ages and life stages, showing that there really is no age or background limit to becoming a successful business owner.

Small business coaching

If you run a business or are looking to set up a new idea in Bundamba, Dalby, or any other locale in either Ipswich or the Darling Downs, you will have access to tailored advice from one of the expert mentors listed on this page. Each mentor is dedicated to providing high-quality small business training, and using their experiences in their own fields to help guide you.

Whether you need someone with particular knowledge on customer service, growth planning, bookkeeping, or something entirely different, there is a local mentor with the insights you need grow and succeed.

To guarantee that you receive the right advice, your mentor will give your business a full 'health check' and be on hand as little or as often as you need them. They will come to you at your work place weekly, fortnightly or monthly, providing you with a clear vision of the bigger picture. Our small business coaching service is completely confidential, so you can receive help and advice from your mentor with the confidence that it'll stay between you and them.

More information on each mentor in Ipswich and the Darling Downs is given below. 

Ipswich & Darling Downs Mentors

In a region encompassing some of some of Southeast Queensland's oldest suburbs and most iconic tourist spots, Ipswich and the Darling Downs present a unique mixture of challenge and opportunity for existing and new business owners. Whether you are looking to set up a cafe in Goodna or provide plumbing services to greater Darling Downs, our mentors will provide with advice and guidance tailored to both your area and your needs.

Geoff Neil

Business Skills Mentor

Geoff comes from a strong business background, from operating his own to being CEO of a National Retail Buying Group/ Franchise and General Manager of various SME companies. He has extensive ‘hands-on’ management experience across the floorcovering, automotive, manufacturing, engineering and IT industries.

Helen Cowley

Business Skills Mentor

Helen Cowley is a passionate business consultant, coach and trainer with a track record of more than 30 years in business management.