Literacy, Language and Numeracy

Education is the key to success in life and this can be hampered by lack of confidence with literacy, language and numeracy skills. Unlock the potential of your team by giving them the fundamental tools that will not only make a difference to the work they produce for you, but to their entire lives.

Literacy, Language and Numeracy

From increasing reading and writing skills to strengthening mathematical understanding, our compassionate and skilled trainers can bring your team to the next level. They will provide the necessary support to increase your team’s core capabilities without impacting on day-to-day priorities or workloads.

Meifen Hsu

Certificate III in Written and Spoken English

health and administration graduate

The training is incredibly helpful excellent and helpful. There are lots of opportunities to work with the teachers one-on-one,and they are very considerate and aware of each individual student’s needs and situation

A Masters of Health and Administration Reporting graduate in her native Taiwan, Meifen was able to use the training from TAFE to translate and formalise her qualifications for the Australian workforce.

Senior school certificate

Covering a range of core subjects with the option of sitting for an OP or articulating smoothly into a Certificate or Diploma level qualification, choose from classroom-based or custom training solution to ensure your employees achieve their Queensland Certificate of Education.

Our teachers are deft at increasing confidence and ability through dedication and care.

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Customised Corporate Training

Our goal is to work closely with you to truly understand the specific objectives of your organisation and to identify bespoke training solutions.

Tell us about the business issues you face that are unique to your organisation, and together we can style a training program to activate solutions and ultimately point your organisation in the right direction.

Our contextualised training packages will be custom-built to meet those objectives. 

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