Lynda Gale - Business Skills Mentor

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Lynda Gale

Business Skills Mentor

Lynda Gale is the founder of 3P Concepts, having owned and operated management consulting and training businesses for over 9 years with extensive background in senior service and management roles across several industries.

Lynda specialises in the areas of communication and leadership training and development. She is a highly motivated and experienced leader who understands the challenge of creating and establishing change in the workplace.

Lynda's involvement in the SBS Mentor Program is directly related to her experience with the retail and corporate sectors, and the common thread identified of business owners seeking external support and clarity with workplace management, systems and processes to drive growth and productivity; she has formal qualifications in the areas of business management, workplace training and assessment, and hospitality services. 

Lynda is passionate about helping people and enjoys motivating and sharing success.