Michael Holmstrom - Business Skills Mentor

Meet a Mentor

Michael Holmstrom

With over 15 years experience with digital technologies and business development, and most importantly, real-life experience of creating six start-ups in the past five years, Michael has a wealth of knowledge that can help businesses embrace the power of digital.

His business success includes co-founding a startup that grew from five people to a multinational enterprise. When sold to a private equity firm in 2011 this business had achieved a $100M+ yearly revenue and a global footprint. Michael is currently the Executive Director of a successful digital agency, Breadcrumb Digital Pty Ltd. 

Michael is often referred to as the conduit between business and technology. By engaging in conversations with business owners to share his knowledge, Michael is making what can be seen as ‘hard to understand’ into an exciting and easy learning experience, empowering business owners to take charge of their digital business strategy and enable change for business growth.

With a passion for small business, Michael is actively engaged as a mentor and presenter for organisations like iLab, Griffith University and Queensland Government. Michael also serves on boards as a strategic partner and trusted advisor to companies seeking to grow their business, particularly in the digital space.