Richard Davies - Business Skills Mentor

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Richard Davies

Business Skills Mentor

Brisbane Southeast

Richard Davies is one of Brisbane’s best known Small Business Mentors / Trainers who has coached more than 4,000 new business ‘start-ups’ with a high success rates over the past 17 years.

Business and management background includes international small business, with recent visits through the Middle East, India, Asia and China where he focussed on promoting Australian business and relocation of business innovation and technology to Brisbane. Experience also includes working in migration law, steel-framed housing, franchising, transport, supervision of car dealerships (a world brand), security, logistics, and a family fashion business. 

His focus is on strategic marketing as the driver for small business, working with tight cash constraints, and finding creative new ways that small (or even ‘micro’) business can get into markets ahead of the ‘big guys’, do it better, get awesome respect from clients, have a frolic of fun, benefit the community …. and make money in the process.

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