Training available in North Queensland with TAFE Queensland

North Queensland

We have a select team of dedicated mentors across North Queensland, each of whom has a solid, successful business history. Our mentors have established themselves in a variety of sectors, at different ages and life stages, showing that there really is no age or background limit to becoming a successful business owner.

Small business coaching

If you run a business or are looking to launch something new in Rockhampton or any other locale in North Queensland, you will have access to tailored advice from one of the highly experienced mentors listed on this page. Each mentor is dedicated to providing hands on small business training, and using their experiences in their own fields to help guide you through to tangible, long term success.

Whether you need someone with particular knowledge on recruitment, marketing, finance, or something entirely different, there is a local mentor with the insights you need grow and succeed.

To guarantee that you receive the right advice, your mentor will give your business a full 'health check' and be on hand as little or as often as you need them. They will come to you at your work place weekly, fortnightly or monthly, providing you with a clear vision of the bigger picture. Our small business coaching service is completely confidential, so you can receive help and advice from your mentor with the confidence that it'll stay between you and them.

More information on each mentor in North Queensland is given below. 

North Queensland Mentors

In a region encompassing some of Queensland's oldest and most established industries, North Queensland presents a unique mixture of challenge and opportunity for longstanding and new businesses. Whether you are looking to provide diesel repair services in Charters Towers or set up shop a cafe in Ayr, our mentors will provide with advice and guidance tailored to both your area and your needs.

Angelo Coco

Business Skills Mentor

Angelo Coco is an experienced and successful mentor, facilitator, speaker, business advisor and strategic planner. With over 37 years’ experience in business mentoring and strategic planning, facilitating hands on training to owners and managers of family businesses.

Kim Kelly

Business Skills Mentor

Kim Kelly is the Manager and Senior Business Advisor of the Business Enterprise Centre in Cairns. She is an expert in ‘breaking it down’ and keeping planning simple to create customer success. Kim was recently awarded Australia’s Best BEC Business Mentor Award for 2012 which is a testament to her dedication and commitment in assisting her clients to achieve their business goals.

Philip Jenkins

Philip Jenkins

Business Skills Mentor

Philip is a local business consultant and an experienced facilitator and mentor, with over 35 years’ experience in Management, Business Development, Sales Management and Marketing, in large and small/medium enterprises; in Australia and overseas.

Ramona Bullard

Business Skills Mentor

As an established local Management Consultant, Ramona Bullard has professional qualifications and 20 years’ experience, particularly in strategic planning, compliance, innovation and organisational development.